Deputy of Riverclan
Important Information
Gender Female
Family none
Age 21 moons
Rank Deputy
Status Alive
Clan Riverclan
Eye Color green
Pelt Color orange/gold


Fawnsong was born and raised in Riverclan, as a kit she was always the worst at everything she did, whether it was sneaking out or playing catch with moss. She hated it and grew bitter and lonely. Until she was made an apprentice, she strived to be the best, she would stay up all night practicing and work extra hard to please, she did not make many friends with the other apprentices who thought she was a show off or remember her as a kit and teased her. However the warriors were impressed and she was much nicer from then on. She was so pleased to be named Deputy as she has always been ambitious, now all she wants is a mate.


Very friendly unless you are on her bad side, hates being bad at things, never tease her she has no tolerance for it.